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Katy Jobbins Awards 2016

Student Comment

"I had a four month wait to do the training. Previously I was a marketing director so it's a complete career change for me. The beauty of having to wait for training is that I've been able to get myself really prepared with Business cards, a website, company name, read my manuals, practice drawing eyebrows, and I've got my models sorted. I already have a facebook page and full paying customers lined up..."

Natalie, W.Sussex

Day 1 – All the information was sent to me, everything came when it should. Efficiency has been a key thing for me, which reflected in the training today, which has been excellent.

Day 2 – I watched the whole procedure and then worked on another client. It was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. It was great, I’ve got the knack of the needle and depth now and she was very pleased with them. It was great to see her reaction.

Day 4 – The New manual goes through so much detail and reading up before you understand and study but doing the live models was brilliant. Once you have actually done it, it brings all the practice and theory together.

Student Comment

"I'm confident that I'm going to go away and work on people which is great. At the beginning of the course, I was hoping I'd feel like this. I'm not worried at going away and doing treatments on people because I've learnt everything I need to, to get started. ..."

Natalie, W.Sussex

1 Week on – I finished training last Thursday and I’ve done 3 clients this week, which all went well. I’ve done an offer in January for my case studies, clients have been saying how pain-free it was and are now referring people to me. I have 23 clients booked in for January now.

Nearly 1 Year On – I work from home mostly where I have my own clinic and most of my clients come from recommendations. I have tailored what I have learnt from your marketing course and less than 1 year on I have 13 clinics and 10 active clinics all referring their clients to me.

Natalie Award Banner
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Over the first 18 months – Natalie provides a great update of how she has progressed in her Permanent Makeup Career after training with Katy at the Permanent Makeup Training Academy. Now, working just 25 hours per week she is earning as much if not more than she did when she worked a punishing job doing 55 hours per week.

Natalie Award Presentation Pic2

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Student Comment

"I've been doing Permanent Makeup for 6 months now, It's been amazing. I've given up my other job, it's been the best move I've ever made. I gave up everything, I just wanted to put 100% of my time into it and it's paid off..."

Lucie, Hampshire

Katy & Lucie

6 Months on – It’s been the best move I’ve ever made…

Student Comment

" I was a makeup artist for 17 years. Katy's love for permanent makeup made me want to do it. I've been wanting to do it for over 6 years and I finally bit the bullet. I've been doing it 6 weeks now and wanted to just do a few clients around my other work, but it's gone the other way. I really enjoy it and it's hard to turn down the money..."

Clare, Sussex

Katy & Clare

In just under 2 hours I can earn £350 to £400 quid. Once I start promoting I’d be the main earner and my husband can be a ‘Stay-at-home’ Dad.

The starting point of all achievement is desire.

Student Comment

"I was in recruitment working 7:30 in the morning to 8 o'clock at night and wanted to do permanent makeup because of the earning potential and lifestyle change. It has a feminine twist to it but it's kind of an art form and with the attention to detail that I have got it was something I was interested in ..."

Anotony, Leeds

An unusual route for a man to take but when you see the difference it makes to clients it’s quite satisfying.

It was very good today, brows and eyeliners on an elderly client that had no brows. Today has been the best day of them all. My only regret is that I forgot to take a before picture.

Within 3 years of this video, Antony has gone on to become one of the busiest permanent makeup artists in the UK. He and his girlfriend run a full-time permanent makeup clinic 6 days a week specialising in Eyebrows, Eyes and Lips. Both have over 8000 hours experience each in facial tattooing.


Spa Elemental Spring 2016Antony was recently featured in national beauty magazine Spa Elemental.

(Click image to see the full article.)

Guild News Logo Image

Guild News Front Cover AprilAntony’s career success was also featured in the highest circulating trade title aimed at beauty, nails tanning and spa – The Guild News in April 2016

(Click image to see the full article.)

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Student Comment

"I'm a full-time flight attendant and although I thoroughly enjoy the job and lifestyle I was fascinated by permanent makeup. I gave the training a lot of thought over a couple of years, your website filled me with confidence ..."

Jemma, Brighton

Day 1 – It is technical, however, everything is explained simply and I have the opportunity to trial everything and see what works with what. Katy shows you the formula that makes it straight forward … Unbelievably.

Day 2 – 2 sets of brows today, neutralising and correcting the colour. It was amazing how you can slowly build it up nad you can start seeing it coming together and it looks fantastic. The client gave me a £10 tip!!

Day 4 – Today has been equally as good as every other. I very much enjoyed lips, it took longest but the results were fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Katy ask me just now if I felt confident to go off and do treatments on my own and I can’t wait!

Students Concern at the end of her training:

My only worry is if there is enough demand for this to warrant going part-time with flying …”

Jemma, Brighton

Over the past 18 months doing permanent makeup I have struggled to keep up with the demand! Working my socks off over the last two years really has paid off. I bought my first flat and permanent makeup has been fundamental in doing that. Two weeks working and two weeks flying, perfect. Now I have the confidence to cut the flying time down as I know there is a demand.

Student Comment

"I had my brows done by one of your students, Courtney, which went really well. And when I googled about training in permanent makeup your just came up on everything. You seem to be the best ones, best recommendations, best reputation and all your students seem to be really happy ..."

Ashley, Devon

Day 1 – I do bridal makeup and hair and wanted to do something a bit more challenging and different. More scientific stuff using my brain.

Day 2 – A difficult full paying client for me to watch, very fair hair and no brows at all. She looked amazing and loved them. I requested all the difficult clients to work on so that I’m not shocked when I’m on my own. I did an extreme correction on my first model, new shape, new colour and camouflage correction and I loved it.

Day 3 –  7:30 at night and just finished eyeliner training. I did my dummy head first and lots of practice skins. The client had both upper and lower eyeliner. I loved it. The harder it is the more I wanted to do it. Katy showed me everything but I did it all myself.

Students Comment at the end of her training:

"The week's been perfect. It exceeded all my expectations HUGELY . Worth every single penny and every day you can see that you guys are trying to get the best out of me as well ..."

Ashley, Devon

Katy & Ashley

I loved today, we were really playful and bold with the first client and much more natural with the second client. Lips are a really artistic treatment, I love all the procedures, I can’t tell you which are my favourite.

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