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Student Comment

"I went travelling with Katy's sister, who had her brows done and looked amazing. When I got back I had my own brows done with Katy. After two years I took the plunge to training in permanent makeup myself. It's a fabulous job, helping other people, as well as having the flexibility to work for yourself. The first day has been amazing..."

Sian, Birmingham

Beauty Spa Manager – On Completion of Day 1

Beauty Spa Manager – On Completion of Day 2

Beauty Spa Manager – On Completion of the Course

Student Comment

8 Months On: "I wanted to do something where I could work for myself, do a little bit of extra work and earn a bit of extra money. I first set up my own clinic and got my first couple of clients in and it spread and spread and spread. Before I knew it I was working two full-time jobs. I have left my job and I'm now full time doing permanent makeup, fully booked with a 2-month waiting list. And I love it..."

Sian, Birmingham

Beauty Spa Manager – After 8 Months

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Student Comment

"I work from home doing eyelash extensions and intimate waxing and I've wanted to do permanent makeup for ages. But I wanted to find the right person to train me and the right time to do it. I started to do research but as soon as I saw Katy's video on YoutTube, I decided I wanted to train with her ..."

Courtney, Exeter

Eyelash Extension Specialist – On Completion of Day 1

Eyelash Extension Specialist – On Completion of Day 2

Eyelash Extension Specialist – On Completion of the full course.

Student Comment

12 Months On: "I did permanent makeup because I had a passion for it and I wanted to earn more money in less hours. Straight away, as soon as I left the course, business has just been amazing. I'm working 3-4 days a week earning 5 to 6 times what I was earning before. My best month's been £9500, just waiting to hit the £10,000 mark ..."

Courtney, Exeter

My Best Month Has Been £9500 Working Just 3 Days Per Week …

Your Big Opportunity

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Student Comment

"I was very scared about training it was a lot of money and i was worried i'd spend lots of money and it would be wasted. Everything was so positive in the course prospectus, everyone was saying such good things I almost didn't believe it. I was researching all day long, but once I met Katy we got on so well which helps me learn so much more ..."

Paige, Eastbourne

Day 1 – I thought this course was too good to be true …

Day 2 – The Client was calm, Katy was calm, I can’t believe how easy it was

Final Day – Sad to go. I thought it would be the hardest, but Katy broke it all down and made it really easy for me. She makes the training so simple …

Watch this student's transformation from mobile beauty therapist to Award Winning Permanent Makeup Artisit

Amy, Sussex

“I didn’t expect to pick it up quite so quickly it’s really exciting. Katy’s training is so easy, it’s like fool proof …”

I trained 8 months ago and have been just too busy to come back for my assessment. It’s been bonkers, I love it.

12 Months on: It’s been amazing I love it. Someone mentioned a while ago about doing permanent makeup and I didn’t think much about it. Then my friend Clare, who filmed your business and marketing course shouted at me down the phone – “YOU HAVE TO DO IT…”

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Grab-a-wine-200x300Grab A Drink, Sit Back, & Watch the Beautiful Work Produced by Former Students of the Permanent Makeup Training Academy …

1-Pink-Quote-MarkThe Place To Go For Anyone Thinking Of Entering The Industry.”


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