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Katy Jobbins Awards 2016

Student Comment …

After running a salon for 12 years I’ve pretty much been doubling my income with permanent makeup compared to what I was just doing in my beauty. So the same amount of time I was taking double what I would. So a couple of days beauty and a couple of days permanent makeup and the permanent makeup is making double.

Hannah, Collumpton

Day 1 – I have had my own salon for 12 years and have been doing beauty for 17 years and I wanted to extend my skills and permanent makeup is just so popular in my area. Katy had trained a girl in my area who is just so, so busy. I recommended all of my clients to her but she had such a long waiting list I thought maybe i should do it too.

Day 2 Our client chose to have microblading correctional work as she had had it done somewhere else. I wasn’t nervous at all today. It went ok, i did think I’d get more nervous but I’m not going to overthink it. It’s easy to overthink, I researched having my brows done for months and months and months beforehand.

Day 4 – Today we did the ombre effect, she was really pleased, doing eyes was not as scary as I thought and not as fiddly as i imagined. My lip client said to go as bright as I can on lips which was really fun. I think in this training you have visited every avenue possible.

Assessment Day – 6 Month Update

I’ve been pretty much doubling my income compared to what I was just doing my beauty. So the same amount of time I was taking double what I would, a couple of days beauty and a couple of days permanent makeup and the permanent makeup is making double it’s been a hectic 6 months. Katy aways gets back to me pretty much straight away, or I can ring you and she gets back to me within an hour.

Claire came to us after training elsewhere and not feeling confident …

I was attracted to Katy as she had a similar story to me having been a salon owner, and went down this line, so I could identify with her and I decided I definitely wanted 1 to 1 training as that was important to me and I also liked the fact that it isn’t brand training so I’m not tied to a company for supply of inks and needles


Day 1 – I’ve absolutely just loved it today, it’s been really good. It’s all made sense. It’s put into practice things I kind of new but its made it much clearer. Colour theory was really clear, clearer than I’ve ever had it presented before. Before I was just left confused where as now I feel really confident in the colour theory. I really enjoyed using the machine, I got carried away and just lost myself in it really.

Day 2 –  On my previous course I didn’t do brows as I pulled out before we got to that stage. I just didn’t feel equipped to move on any further than the theory as the underpinning knowledge wasn’t there. You were literally thrown in at the deep end. You were straight onto a person with out any practice.When I worked on my first client in the afternoon today I really enjoyed it. I felt very calm. Kate was always there so I was never left, I felt very comfortable and everything was really clear. It was good compared to last time I was more confident as I’d done the theory and worked on practice skin which just makes you feel more comfortable holding the tattoo pen and everything.

Day 3 – I wasn’t nervous working on the eye are, I really enjoyed it. It was really good. I felt really comfortable with the stretch for the eyeliner that Katy showed me. Katy just adjusted my grip where I needed it and it was really really helpful, really clear and very good.Doing correction work on Brows one the second client was a really good challenge. I felt comfortable doing it because Katy was there to guide you through it all, but it was really nice to have the opportunity to do someone slightly trickier while you’ve got the backup of Katy here rather than getting back to the salon and being on your own, so it was good

Day 4 – This course has met everything I needed. Kate stepped back and let me get on with practicing without standing over me the whole time. That has been nice, that she is always there to check what I have done and see how I’m getting on. So it has been really good.
I feel perfectly comfortable to go away and work on people. People think the course is a bit quick but it’s not. Once you are here you get an awful lot in, in the four days. That’s why it was important for me to have one on one. I think if you are in a large group you are waiting for the tutor to come around and check what you’ve done, it slows everything by a huge amount

Advanced Microblading Training Day – Claire enjoyed her training here so much she came back for more advanced training…

This morning I have got 36 people booked and I’ve booked two more whilst I’ve been here, and I haven’t even posted any pictures or anything yet. For the microblading I’ve booked 10 case studies at £195 so that I could feel really comfortable with it and then it’s going to be about £295 I think and then adjust up as I go, it’s definitely covered the training cost and the cost of travel and everything else.

Student Comment

After 8 months doing permanent makeup, I have the staff doing all the lower end treatments now so my life is getting a lot easier.


8 Month Update 

I’d booked in 21 clients in the first week after the training course. That was done through Facebook and emailing existing clients that I had already got at the salon. I charge between £289 & £389, and when I’ve done my ombre course I’ll be charging a bit more. Lips are £349 and Liner starts about £250. So on average around £350 I have the staff doing all the lower end treatments now so my life if getting a lot easier.

Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire

Student Comment

Rachel did 6 months of training company research before making a huge career change from the dental industry….I think ultimately, the reason to train here, was a combination of a few things that you do here. It was to do with the business support and training, also the main thing was the 1 to 1 and that you are able to get Katy’s knowledge and experience and really key into that and not have the pressure or any other negative aspects or having may be 6 or 7 other people in a classroom, it can all be about you and where you want to take you career.


Day 1It was really scary to begin with when you first come in, but then actually there was no real reason to be scared at all because Katy’s made it so simple and straight forward for me to pick up. My excitement has just grown now at the end of day 1 and I just can’t wait for the next few days

Day 2 – I think doing the pre-study was perfect as you get the backgrounds basics first and get a little understanding on what’s going on. And then when you come here and get to speak to Katy things start falling into place and you start to understand the process a lot more and she makes things a lot more simple for you to understand. So something that might seem quite complex can be simplified quite dramatically.

Day 4 – It’s been brilliant here. It’s been so much information, and because I’m very keen on making this a career, I just lapped up anything thrown at me. So it’s been great. Definitely confident to start on my own, but also knowing that Katy is there for me to run anything by her as well if there is anything I am uncertain about, I think is brilliant and reassuring, so I don’t feel completely on my own.

18 months later Rachel has been nominated for 2 Major industry awards…

Just received the news is that I’ve been shortlisted for Permanent Makeup Artist of the Year under 2 years training and Permanent Brow Artist of the Year under two years. I think there has been over 600 entries and I’ve been shortlisted down to around 10. Just being recognised by other leading experts in the industry I think is massive

Student Comment

I've got two little ones, and am always doing activities and running around after them, I want to spend more time with them and work around them rather than work for someone else.
I was scared thinking am I going to be any good at it, but what we've been through today, I think I've got it spot on. Katy made it so easy that I'm not worried about that at all, which was a massive thing before I came."

Claire, Hampton

Day 1 – I’ve been thinking about doing this for a couple of years and I’ve just always put it off, but I’m so glad I’ve done it and I wish I had done it earlier.” In Knightsbridge, I work in a non-surgical cosmetic clinic, with a doctor that does botox and fillers.”I did a lot of research. I looked at all the companies but I just knew, as soon as I watched Katy’s video, and saw other students, that I wanted to do it with Katy.”

Day 3 – I was a bit scared at first but the minute I started doing it I loved it. I was really shocked actually. It’s actually easier working on a client than it is on a fake skin when you practice it.
Katy was really nice and I found it not as daunting as I thought it was. …the end result was brilliant. I’m not scared at all to do it a lot of information has sunk in. I like the way she trains. Anytime I’ve got a question she’s answered it straight away, it’s the best, it’s a very good way of training.

Day 4 – I can’t wait, I’m just going to get stuck in straight away. I didn’t think I’d be like this but I really want to get started, i’ve learnt so much in just 4 days. It’s gone so quick but I feel like I’m very very confident and I can’t wait to get started.” . (on comparing the training to working in a group) I don’t even know how that would even work. I get to ask the questions I want, Katy will just stop in the middle of something and mention a little tip or just say things that other trainers wouldn’t normally tell you, just because she thinks of it at the time and she’s just got you to talk to

Student Update

I don’t feel like its work at all. I enjoy it and if I come to the weekend and I haven’t done anything (working on getting new clients) then I feel bad. But I love doing it, every time I get a spare hour I’ll always get back to doing something, whether it’s marketing or working on my website.

Claire, Hampton

2 Month Update –  I’m hoping to do one day per week in Knightsbridge and we have just knocked the garage down and we are building my own place at the back of the garden. So just waiting for all that to be done
If I have a problem or question I just message Kate. A few weeks ago I just messaged her as I wasn’t sure about the colour and just within about two minutes I had a message back and luckily it was the colour I thought I should have done, so that made me feel a lot better

5 Month Update – Permanent makeup has fitted in quite well at the moment, I am getting quite busy as well as getting the website done i’m just finding the more people I’m doing the more referrals I’m getting, so I’m going to have to put an end date to my normal job which is quite exciting.” I’m so glad I did it. Also the website looks amazing, all my friends and family say it looks amazing.

Kay trained in America over a year ago, but came for confidence boosting training

You can’t beat the 1 on 1 training here because she is patient with you, nothing is a daft question, and she’s got so much time for you which in a big group you are over looked. So you can ask all the questions you want. Where as on the forums you get 50 people answer you with 50 different answers. She showed me how to get back to basics. Forget all the complicated things that they were telling me when it comes to eyebrows, you just need to keep it natural. I feel like I’m actually learning something for a change.

Kay, Redcar

Re-Training Day 1 – I did so much research before I came to Katy. Different places that want to put 12 people in a class, trainers that they booked in just to come for the day that weren’t employed by them and they also wanted you to buy all their equipment, and so you were talking thousands. I didn’t need any of that as I already had the machine and I didn’t want to be tied into one type of product all the time. Were as with Katy, everything I had read about her and everything I saw about her made it sound very individual. And it is true. She doesn’t push anything on you, and is not there to sell me anything. So it’s good that she is just there to help you out.

Re-Training Final Day – It’s been a thousand percent better, I was literally struggling to draw an eyebrow as I’d learned so many techniques with different pieces of equipment so I just couldn’t for the life of me get them to look like normal brows. Katy took me back to basics just both measuring and eyeballing way to get if perfect. She made it so much easier, I feel that now I know how it should look.

You just don’t feel like you are training. It just feels like you are hanging out with a friend but she really does get everything through, and she is quite laid back with it but at the same time she’s making sure you are doing everything she’s taught. The girl knows her stuff.


Terrey Award Banner

From the last day of Training to Winning a National Award

I’m feeling really good. Better than I thought I was going to feel. I nearly didn’t come on the Saturday I had I little panic but I’m really glad I did come.

Terrey, Kent

From Final Day – The clients I’ve worked on have all fallen asleep. I was quite shocked to be honest. They were all snoozing! It surprised me because the experience I had when I had my brows done I was in mega pain and I’m like, are you sure that’s not hurting, and yeh they were snoozing

Terrey Award Presentation Pic

… To Winning a very prestigious national award in micro pigmentation.

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