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Student Comment

I did some thorough research before booking my training. There's a lot more to it than just tattooing makeup. But after one day it all made sense. It's much simpler doing it than I thought.

Jade, Essex

Day 1 – I was a Spa Manager on Cruise Ships and a level 3 beauty therapist. Being there done it and wanted something new. Permanent makeup just clicked in my head and I thought, that’s what I want to do. I thoroughly researched where to train.

Day 2 – I’m really pleased, I never thought my work would come out that well. I shocked myself. I got my hands on a client, Katy let me loose. It’s surprising how easy it was. They looked amazing.

Day4 – You would think the eye area is quite sensitive and pain … the client fell asleep. Lips … the client also fell asleep. They are very arty. The client loved the work, she was very happy.

Student Comments On Attending the 3 Day Business & Marketing Course

It's been a lot to take in, cross-eyed right now, so many ideas bubbling around in my head. I didn't know there were that many options on how to promote yourself, amazing business knowledge for any business. I wouldn't have been able to come up with any of the things you have taught me!

Jade, Essex

Student Comment

I researched and researched everything. I just found that Katy was the most professional and new everything about permanent makeup. I was booked to train somewhere else, but as soon as I found Katy I cancelled immediately.

Julie, Shropshire

Day 1 – I researched and researched everything, I just found Katy seemed to know everything about semi permanent make up. The 2 treatments I did today went really well, the clients are really happy and I’m feeling more confident. Bring on tomorrow.

Day 4 – 100% glad I did the training after thinking about it for the last 10 years. I had 110 reasons why not to do it but turning 40 was a big turning point for me. I thought this is crazy, I’m not enjoying my work. You get 1 life, 1 shot and I’m really glad I took the bull by the horns and decided to go for it as there’s nothing to lose.
With Katy’s guidance, she never left me on my own. its exceeded my expectations. its more than just a training course its the full package. If your thinking about doing it don’t put it off any longer.

Assessment Day – Only 8 Weeks Later …

No beauty background, I was a school receptionist. It’s been amazing. I’ve got lots and lots of clients booked and loads came through recommendations from previous clients. I’ve got my own clinic now and a beauty therapist I worked on called to tell me that 2 excellent beauty therapists told her that my work was the best they had ever seen.
Exciting times…

Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire

Student Comment

Debra had no beauty background at all, worked in construction & has been running a successful permanent makeup business in Brighton after training with Katy 5 years ago.

Deborah, Brighton

Day 1 – I came to Katy as a client and had all my procedures done, loved what she did and wanted to find out more. She explained her training to me. Didn’t think I could have achieved this on my first day. Really pleased with Katy’s information, her training has been fantastic, step by step all the way and then she had me mirror what she has done.

Day 2 – First client went fantastic, a little nerve wracking at first but the client walked out of the door over the moon. It was great to see her response.

Day 3 – I did lips today, learned about outlining, filling and blending. I enjoyed the lips very much and my client was really pleased as well. It is so great to see their response after the procedures.

Day 4 – The wealth of information that I have gained through doing the course has really given me the confidence I need to get out there and do it. My expectations have been more than matched. Also the information that you have given me on running a small business has given me the encouragement and the enthusiasm.

Assessment Day Review


Deborah, Brighton

Assessment Day – My case studies went fantastic. Learned today about pushing myself out there on the internet and how to approach salons. I learned about the paperwork  I need such as business cards, flyers etc. I’m eager, I want to get out there there’s not enough time! I’d recommend this training definitely.. but I’m a little worried about recommending people in my immediate area because you are so good at the skills you provide!!!

Student Comment After Attending the 3 Day Permanent Makeup Business & Marketing Course

Loaded with lots of great information to really get going. I’m eager to put some of the ideas into practice and see which ones hook. I’ve got a new energy and a new enthusiasm for it.
It’s given me the confidence to take that next step and say this is my work, this is how I work, can we collaborate? The steps are easy to implement.
Come on the course, you will really benefit from it.

Deborah, Brighton

Student Comment Who Came for Re-Training & Confidence Boosting After Training Elsewhere

I’m really glad I invested my money into training here. I was worried because Katy has got a bit of a profile that she’d be really cold and hard but she’s lovely and warm, down to earth and just very inspiring. She’s a great teacher and when I met her I felt immense relief.


I’d done the initial training elsewhere and then some more, I’d spent quite a lot of money and felt I was just not as confident as I should be, I wondered if I should just forget this but i had already invested so much money and i really wanted to do it.

I did loads of research this time around and was even looking into going to the states for the best training. I wanted the best but some of the bigger companies were just bombarding me with phone calls everyday trying to sell me their programmes.

I was interested in training with Katy after seeing so many great video reviews and speaking with some of her past students. It became clear that you were going to do something that was tailored to my needs. You never tried to sell me anything.

I’m really glad i invested my money into training here. I was worried because Katy has got a bit of a profile shed be really cold and hard but she’s lovely and warm, down to earth and just very inspiring. She’s a great teacher and when I met her I felt immense relief.

Been doing eyebrows on real live models this morning, it has helped immensely. Katy’s just next to you, she doesn’t take over just comments on your work. She breaks things down really simply and just makes sure you’re not flustered.

I just feel so so different now. I was a bit apprehensive before coming because i have done a lot of training already.

This has been an investment in my skills and it has been 110% worth it.

This training has exceeded my expectations. I thought I might come and still not get it. There’s a part of me that feels surprised that I got it.

Last night I couldn’t sleep properly. I was so excited about coming in for more training. Its been challenging, learning new stuff and being creative. Your kindness, warmth and generosities are very touching. It’s up there with the best training I’ve ever had in my life. I knew it would be useful but now I feel ready now and I CAN DO THIS.

Student Comment

My background has been in foster caring for 12 years. I came across PM after a dog attacked my face, I had countless plastic surgeries and had all my own permanent makeup done. I liked what I had so much I decided I wanted to become a PM technician myself. It's in my nature to help people. I wanted 1 to 1 training with Katy to really nail the techniques down.


Day 1 – Me and mum did a lot of research together and she found much cheaper courses but I didn’t want to be in a class room of 10 or 12 people and be qualified after one or 2 days, that terrified me.

I wanted 1 to 1 training with Katy to really nail the techniques down day one I’ve learned all the different styles 4 or 5 different ways to give my client the best for their face and not just one style for all.

Day 2 – My first client was one of katy’s students who trained 2 years ago & who is leaving to do this job in America. She was great and had given me a lot of pointers which were helpful. Her brows were on point!

My second client within 5 minutes of working on this lady I felt completely confident. I’m fully booked for the next 2 weeks! I qualify on Thursday and start Monday. 2 clients a day to start with its all about quality not quantity. It’s best to take your time and someone leave 100% happy. I’ve booked 4 more clients in the last 24 hours.

Day 3 – My first client here was 82 it was her first pm treatment and she was nervous. She wanted a very natural look. She was very happy with the end result. She looked FABULOUS.

The chance to do all the techniques yourself with Katy right there, just gives you the confidence. I can’t hold back whilst I’m here. In the evenings I’ve been inundated with client messages and calls. I’ve got 30 clients booked in already and haven’t even opened my own salon yet.

Now people are seeing my work on Facebook and what I can produce they are really excited to have it done. They realised there are decent technicians out there like me who learn one to one from someone with real experience like Katy.

Day 4 – I quite enjoyed the lips today, they looked really good. I’m gonna be very busy when I leave.

I feel like I’m ready to start. I’m gonna be a bit nervous but that’s only natural. By the time I re read over my notes I will be ready to start on Monday.

6 Week & 6 Month Updates



6 Weeks Update – I had a complete change from my career in foster care. I took 3 weeks to get all my case studies done! – I’m about to start all my top ups now.

I only charged £100 for my models and case studies and made £1400 in my first week which is great. I’ve taken on more models than I needed because there’s so many people that are wanting it.

My prices have gone up now as I’m 6 weeks more experienced and the work I’m putting out there is looking really good. I’m really enjoying the change in career. Katy is really easy to get hold of if I have any questions or queries. I was nervous first time I stepped in here but I feel different now, like I’m part of the permanent make up industry.

6 Months Update – I’ve been getting on really well, really busy and enjoying it a lot.
I’m growing the business through Facebook and I’ve got up to 8000 people on it now. I’m getting a lot of repeat business and its not just friends anymore but I’m tattooing people I don’t know which is really good.

I paid all my training off within 5 months which I’m really happy about. I message Katy a lot on watsaap so I get any questions answered as I go along. I’ve had no real problems.
I’m really happy doing 1 full price client a day its a max of 4 hours work per day. great!

Student Comment

I was a branch manager at a building society. I've been doing that for 10 years. ...I'd always been interested in beauty but I wanted something that would be a bit different and that would earn me the same, if not more, money than I'm earning now. I'm really really surprised at how well I'm doing, I feel so educated in it now.


Day 1 – I did a lot of research because I was conscious that I wasn’t from a beauty background so I really wanted someone that was going to give me the one of one training and the time that I needed and that I could just fire as many questions as possible. I needed someone that worked for me.

Day 2 – Every time I think of something Katy has been really welcoming to all the questions. So as soon as I think of something I just ask it and she’s telling me straight away, even if it something that I’ll learn a bit later on, she’s answering it and says I will go through that more later, but this is your answer now. So it’s been really helpful. My confidence has just gone through the roof!

Day 3 – It’s been good and it’s really building my confidence. Especially the one this morning, doing a full set of eyebrows. I spent a lot of time on them and it’s just boosted my confidence so much.

Day 4 – I thought lips was going to be a lot harder but I was really surprised that I found it a lot easier than I would have thought just because of the techniques that Katy teaches you.
I feel like I could go out and probably do a set of eyebrows or lips right now because I want to start, I want to do it and I’m just so excited about it

2 Month Update & Assessment Update

My original goal was to quit the normal job in 12 months but I’ve done it 6 months.


2 Month Update – Not having a beauty background beforehand I’d done a bit of research on things I’d need to know as well. But it’s really funny because Katy said you don’t really need to know that and I thought I did as I wasn’t from the background. So everything I needed to know without having a background I learnt on the course, which was good I had the odd sporadic hour or two off but I’m pretty packed at the moment.

Assessment Day / 2 Year Update – Initially it was great I had lots of case studies because I’d done quite a bit of work getting people booked in and I was still working full time. So I was doing them evenings and weekends. Then it got to a stage where I was just working so much, I’d not even get chance to have dinner and things like that, so I decided to take the plunge and go full time with permanent makeup.


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