Fast Forward To The Career of Your Dreams ...

“Almost Every Successful Person Begins With Two Beliefs: The Future Can Be Better Than The Present, And I Have The Power To Make It So …”

Getting Joy From Going the Extra Mile

12 Things Successful Permanent Makeup Artists Do Differently To Achieve Life Changing Results

  • They take their time and diligently research the best training options for them

  • They seek out the most successful and proven permanent makeup mentor to learn from them on a one to one programme

  • They understand price is what you pay and value is what you get

  • They create and pursue realistic goals and work hard to achieve them

  • They focus on being productive, not just busy

  • They avoid the unattainable trap of trying to make things absolutely perfect

  • They work safely but outside of their comfort zone constantly pushing themselves to be best they can be

  • They keep things really simple and don’t over-complicate simple treatments

  • They focus on making small continuous improvements to their skills without looking at what every other permanent makeup artist around them is doing

  • They measure and track their own progress

  • They maintain a positive outlook and are constantly learning and developing themselves and their business

  • They focus first on the quality of their treatments and not quantity ensuring the customers are loving their new look

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Train With the Multi-Award Winning Permanent Makeup Academy

Katy Jobbins Awards 2016

Student Comment

"Let's face it we are all making a huge investment financially. I've got lots riding on this. When I go back home it has to work, I can't afford to fail" ...

Michelle, Cornwall

Michelle explains how she diligently researched training in the permanent makeup industry before selecting the best training school for her.

Michelle talks about her experience at the Permanent Makeup Training Academy and the tailor made training just for her

Michelle comes back after 3 months and tells us about her amazing new life

All Your Training Will Be One to One with Our Head Trainer & Multi-Award Winning Industry Expert & Author Katy Jobbins Who Has over 48,000 hours experience in facial tattooing & with 8000 hours 1 to 1 training experience

Your Training Is Completely Bespoke & Tailor Made For You As An Individual Student. Before Training At The Permanent Makeup Training Academy, You Will Complete An in-depth Student Profiling Analysis To Help Katy Provide the Best Possible Training to Suit Your Learning Style & Previous Experience.

Student Comment

"I didn't want to pay for a course where there were 6 or 8 other students. As a trainer myself I know you get the best results if you differentiate between students & the best way of doing that is one to one training " ...

Jane, Essex

Katy & Jane

Jane gives her opinion of the course & Katy’s Training Methods. She also commented that 4 days training 1 to 1 with Katy was equivalent to 4 weeks training in a  group!!

The Great Teacher Inspires text

Watch Head Trainer Katy Jobbins Performing Permanent Makeup Treatments on Real Clients

Student Comment

"Having 4 days here is quite a powerful thing. I had every emotion going. I just want to get started. It has been amazing! " ...

Zinny, Kent

Katy & Ziny

Makeup Artist, Zinny explains how she has been waiting 5 months for the one to one training with industry expert, Katy Jobbins, and how she did on her first day of training

Zinny comes back to tell us how she has found her first 5 Months in the field of permanent makeup, and how she has been building her clientele.

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Student Comment

"I came to Katy after training with another company a year ago. Today I have learnt SO MUCH I can't believe how much I've learned today, I just learned so much in just one day. " ...

Pami, Windsor

Day 1 – Pami explains why she decided to seek further training after training only 12 months earlier with another company!

Day 2 – Today went really well, lots of live clients. I learned a lot from it. Katy ticked all the boxes for me, I feel so confident that I can do my procedures on my clients, I FEEL FULLY CONFIDENT.

Here is Emma who trained at the Permanent Makeup Training Academy Over 3 Years Ago. You can see her full progression in the videos below...

Emma, Hampshire & Surrey

Makeup Artist & Beauty Therapist With 18 Years Experience – On Completion of the Course

Makeup Artist & Beauty Therapist for 18 Years – After Just 3 Months …


Makeup Artist & Beauty Therapist With 18 Years Experience – 10 Months on…

Makeup Artist & Beauty Therapist With 18 Years Experience – 18 Months After Training In Permanent Makeup

Here is Emma 3 Years on talking how her life is now as a very successful full-time Permanent Makeup Artist

Emma, Hampshire & Surrey

My goal was to work for myself and have more quality time with my daughter, be my own boss, work as hard as I want, be around more for my friends & family and just to have more balance in life.

I was always too frightened to make that change. The goal was to leave my job within a year of training. I did it well under the year. It worked and it was amazing.

See The Amazing Results From Some Newly Trained Permanent Makeup Students - All Trained One to One by Permanent Makeup Training Academy's Head Trainer - Katy Jobbins

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Katy Awards 2009-2016